TCG Networking and Events

TCG Brand Building Events

TCG presents two small business brand building and networking events per year. The first event is held in the Spring and the other takes place in early Fall. We partner with local small business owners to assist with a launch, rebranding, or exposition of a product or service. TCG supports the efforts of the business by using our expertise for the planning of the event and we promote it to our network. All of the events have a structured networking component included where other small businesses owners and interested parties can come, introduce their business to others, and share ideas.

TCG Business to Business Year End Gala

Our largest sponsored event is the Business to Business Year End Gala. This event occurs yearly on the second Saturday of December.

Most small business do not have the resources nor time to build an end of year, celebratory event that is demonstrable of the hard work and efforts that they put in throughout the year. The costs of event space, band, DJ, bartender, and all of the other event essentials can quickly break the bank.

Our Business to Business Year End Galas represent a host of small businesses and groups who celebrate their end of the year successes together. As TCG maintains a team of event planners and specialists, TCG assumes the responsibility of creating a successful, memorable event for all so that business owners and groups can truly focus on celebrating with your internal team, customers, clients, or whomever you invite to celebrate with you. You and your guests simply show up.

Video Broadcast

  A 30-45 second videos of your business will be broadcast to all revelers during the Gala. If you do not have a short video or commercial for your business already packaged , our team will prepare one for you. You can use the video as a tool to build your business in the future.



Full Bar

Heavy hors d’oeuvres

Networking activities

Cocktail attire

Designated cocktail tables for each business

Reception style

Private- invitation only event

On Stage

 Each small business has a 60 second opportunity to take to the stage to publicly address their customers, clients, employees, or whomever for their support during the past year.

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