We build brands, businesses, and bridges.

Our Mission

The Concenergy Group (TCG) serves as the umbrella organization for a family of small businesses of unrelated service areas. At its core, TCG is built upon the concept of harnessing human capital for the advancement of all businesses within the portfolio.  We leverage each others’ experiences, individual networks, and skill sets to meet our client’s needs, providing a one stop for multiple services.

Our Vision 

TCG’s vision is to provide a sustainable, synergistic model of doing business which promotes the welfare of our family of businesses and their clients.

Our Values

TCG’s core values are:

Reggie D. Gibbs

Principal & Founder

Hey folks. I’d like to introduce myself to you. Most people call me Gibbs or Coach Gibbs. I proudly serve as the Principal for The Concenergy Group (TCG).

As Principal for TCG, I am afforded the opportunity to provide vision, culture crafting, resource management, bottom line decision making, and the advancement of the company’s core performance for all holdings. What this looks like in the real world is:

       •assisting small businesses to maximize their position in the marketplace
       •connecting people, places, and things
       •serving as the doorkeeper to a host of goods and services that important people need and want
       •leading a team of professionals to assist with the management and procurement of goods
         and the delivery of services until settlement or completion.
       •maintaining strong relationships with community, business, entertainment, faith, and nonprofit sectors

In our global marketplace, our client’s needs are dynamic and complex. I believe that these challenges create opportunities for us to put forth our best selves. As we open new doors to unforeseen opportunities, we must fearlessly and reflectively stand on what we have learned through past experiences and make inferences to expeditiously capitalize on what is ahead.  This allows us to proceed with a high degree of skill, diligence, and strategy to move forward all of the entities within our sphere of influence. As such, I employ all of the arsenals within my tool box to not only open a single door but to provide leverage, creating winning outcomes, opening multiple doors for our network.

As you peruse our website, feel free to reach out to me if there is a specific good or service that you require, even if you do not see it listed on the site. Connect with me if you would like to attend some of our networking events as I am a strong proponent of moving forward the ideas of individual purpose and idea sharing. Until next time, remember that a balance of faith, family, friends, good health, career, and purpose are the essential ingredients that
help us to move forward in life. Live in harmony with these. 



All my best,

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