TCG Family of Companies


TCG Real Estate

TCG Real Estate is a regional real estate investment group specializing in the acquisition, development, disposition, and management of residential, multifamily,   and  small commercial properties.

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TCG Brokerage & Concierge Services

TCG Brokerage & Concierge (TCG B&C) is a trusted lifestyle management provider. Not to be confused with a personal assistant who manages day to day tasks, TCG B&C provides a one stop shop for a broad spectrum of services. We connect people with places, things, or services that they may want or need.

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Ellis Esq.

Ellis Esq. provides bespoke services for the modern gentleman on a level worthy of a monarch or celebrity.  Crafted with the finest textiles that evoke timeless sophistication, discover the unparalleled style, comfort, and fit of an Ellis Esq. piece.

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M4 is a faith-based music, media, marketing, and meeting planning business that provides quality and affordable services to individuals and organizations involved in ministry.

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We integrate music, art, dance, dialogue, education, social causes, business, fashion, empowerment, and entertainment all into one social stream of consciousness that we collectively call THE CULTURE. Immerse yourself in a series of monthly, artful experiences that will entertain, educate, inspire, and challenge you.


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Janitors USA is a commercial cleaning company which uses a branded process to ensure quality cleaning for our customers at an affordable price.

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