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The Gibbs Story

              Gibbs notes that the crux of who he is today was shaped through his family.  Spending his formative years in a small town, Washington, NC, Gibbs grew up in a faith-centered, family-oriented, musical environment.  Gibbs became a skilled musician at an early age, serving as the musician for local groups and played keyboard for several churches.  His love for music, faith, and community birthed Friends In Fellowship (F.I.F.), faith and community-based, touring music group that later evolved into a non-profit organization that equipped teens with the tools to be successful in life.  Later, in 2001, he co-founded True2Life Entertainment and Platinum Ear Studios, an independent record label and recording studio.  In 2011, Gibbs co-founded Masters Music Institute (MMI), an organization that provided quality and affordable music education training to music ministries and faith-based organizations.   MMI later re-branded to M4 and became a premier faith-based music, media, marketing, and meeting planning company.   As a former artist, music, and entertainment executive, Gibbs wholly understands the unspoken needs of artists and entertainers.  He now provides solutions to meet the current needs of clients in this cohort and anticipates what they may need in the future.  

                 Gibbs’ formal education and training was in public health and public administration and affairs.  As a public health veteran, he delivered hundreds of lectures, workshops, and presentations, with the goals of increasing awareness, training, and mitigating public health issues.  Later in his career as a clinical research professional, he oversaw the management and delivery aspects of clinical trials. Throughout his professional career he still managed to find time to be a small business owner and consultant.  In 2009, he co-founded A+ Fitness Solutions, a personal training business dedicated to helping people to optimize their overall health and fitness.  Likewise, he initiated a real estate investment company.  Gibbs now assists small businesses with the start-up, support, and promotion.  His corporate career developed his skills to be a detail-oriented, organized solutionist who is adept at spotting trends, mitigating risks, and improving the bottom line.  As an experienced leader and coach with strong interpersonal skills, he now ensures the on-time successful delivery of projects to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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